Here is a link to the way that Gwen Stenehjem Bond taught us to make Thanksgiving including changing whatever we want whenever we want.

Thanksgiving- How to Make One

When we Bond-Upsons made a foray into the Florida Keys we started a family tradition-- stop at each restaurant, order one piece of Key Lime pie. Each family member needs to eat some and review the pie. Crust? Filling? Flavor? Appearance? In the years that followed the search for a perfect Key Lime pie has continued. Today we have 3 such for different dietary preferences:

Deborah's Decadent Key Lime Pie

Deborah's Decadent Eggless Key Lime Pie

Deborah's Super Healthy Key Lime Tarts

Yorkshire Pudding

Great article about the Science of Yorkshire Pudding

Norwegian Meatballs 

10,000 Swedes Ran Through the Weeds Chased by 1 Norwegian-- (after eating this meatball)

Real Chocolate Souffle

(not some dreary light cocoa colored thing or "molten cake")

Chocolate Zinfandel Paté (from Erie Corley Pearson Vitiello)


Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in the World


Spinach Rolls -- from Larkspur's Divine Delights circa 1995